Oneight have been an incredible help. They really took the time to understand us as a company, which has reflected in the high calibre, likeminded and extremely talented candidates they send across. They are available anytime and are a pleasure to deal with. I’m told the candidate experience is top notch too, which is feedback given to us first hand. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

“Their professionalism and attention to detail were instrumental in qualifying and screening of our new hires, we are happy to recommend Oneight Professionals”

“Their recruitment process is very simple and effective, they have a great understanding of our needs.”

“It is very difficult to get quality operatives and professionals, and Oneight Professionals continues to deliver consistently no matter what skills we require.”

“A valuable contribution to any company’s HR needs.”

“Working with Oneight Professionals has been a revelation for us. Previous recruitment agencies have provided us with the basics. With Oneight Professionals, we get so much more”

“We are pleased with the candidate’s performance, and we appreciate Oneight Professionals for taking the time to find a valuable employee to suit our needs.”

“It has been my experience that no other agency compares to Oneight Professionals in critical areas of recruitment and selection.”